Written by Matthew Tolbert




Holy Night


Published in “Seasons of Change, Volume X!” and “Storyteller” Magazine.



A lone white candle holds the shrinking flame

That keeps night's darkness from the altar's cross;

A shadow rests behind a silver chalice.

The wind's temperate sighs still whisper heed,

Resembling yesterday's forgotten choirs.

A Bible's closed, too tired to preach; it sleeps,

Collecting dust. The statues seem relaxed

Though they protect the cold and empty pews.

The echoes linger from the Sundays gone

And I feel the peacefulness of God.



Greeting Cards

By Matthew Tolbert


Besides creating greeting cards for Gibson Cards, my syndicated comic strip, Everybody’s Business, appears in a series of greeting cards for business people. Hey, they need laughs too.



By Matthew Tolbert



Gail Hess, a popular artist, and I created a series of 20 e-cards for Beyond.com. When customers purchased items on their web site, they had an option to attach a greeting e-card to the gift. Here is a sample of some of these.








By Matthew Tolbert


A column that regularly appeared in the Los Angeles advertising magazine, "Ad L.A."

These were true stories from both the sales side and the recipient side.